Saturday, November 04, 2006

Attention, you whores...

Hello bitches.
This may sound offending, but YOU ALL SUCK BITCHES!
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go.. there they are.
Stupid whores with fake bags and too much make-up, thinking that they're all JLo's and Paris Hiltons.
Here's a tip: you aren't!
They buy a pair of shoes costing more than your ugly parents prefab house!
You're scum of the earth, ending in a zestpit smoking cheap drugs, fucking for cash!
Act normal!

Friday, November 03, 2006

I fucking hate

Stupid children.
I hate all the generations after ours.
They're brainless stupid zombies just fucking and blowing themselves to hell.
Please, don't make any babies!
I love the look on his face!

How to tell you're gay

You can dress up and jump into the sitting-area like this:

Or.. you can join a boysband:

This is for all the gays and katholics in the world

Just kidding!

Bye fuckers

What's hot

Off course, being a crapule de luxe, you can't afford to dress like a crack-head?
So here are some Fall trends

The jacket
Dark Denim
Designer sneakers
Status belts
Graphic Tees
And... a joint in ya pretty mouth!

All ideas came from me and NeimanMarcus (except for the joint)

I'm in love

And it's a pretty bitch!

Hi fuckers!

This blog is for crazy people living their lives with a little bit of crapule and a little bit of luxe. Got it?

Say what you want because I'm high and I don't like to talk so I'm outta here!

Bye wankers!

Sweet dreams
Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident